Parent Info

At Get Messy NL (GMNL), we believe in creating and maintaining open, honest and trusting relationships with our Kids, Families and Staff at GMNL.  We truly wish to have a “family” environment, where your kids feel comfortable and taken care of like they would be at home. If, at anytime, you feel that something should be addressed, or have a suggestion on how we could improve our program, please, contact us.

We work collaboratively and cooperatively with the School Board, other agencies to meet current trends and expectations of childcare to provide optimal services, support and resources to our families while in our care.

We commit to having open communication via phone calls, emails and our private FB group as a way to inform parents of upcoming events, ongoing issues or concerns, or general information about the afterschool program.

GMNL after school art club runs from school pick up (completed by Bursey’s busing) to 6pm.

Bursey’s busing picks children up at 4 paradise schools at dismissal. Teachers accompany the children to the bus. Kids are met in the Neils Pond Plaza lot by GMNL staff and directed into our suite.

*We require notice of absenteeism. Please send a message via FB messenger, email or Jennifer or Joanne’s cell phone. This is needed for pick up purposes and is required prior to 11am.

Initial Registration: Requests for the program must be made via email/fb messenger, if space is available, the parent/guardian will then pay a 50$ deposit and submit a completed registration form via Google form.

The $50 deposit will hold a space for the child and will be deducted from the first weeks payment.

Failure to secure a space with a deposit forfeits approval.

Once registered, in order to officially withdraw a child from the program, a parent/guardian must submit written notification giving a minimum notice of one month. Verbal notification and/or non-attendance will not constitute discontinuation.

Please note that invoices are non-refundable once issued.

Missed payments will be subject to a late fee of 50$ per missed payment. Children will not be permitted back to the program until delinquent accounts have been settled. Subsequent missed or late payments will result in dismissal from the program. Anyone with previous late payments will be expected to make payment in advance and be a week ahead of scheduled payments to reduce the impact on our business runnings.

Late pick ups will result in a 20$ late pick up per 15 minutes. This must be paid immediately at pick up.

If a parent/guardian chooses to withdraw the child for any reason without adequate notice – both a new administration processing fee ($25) and a full month’s payment must be paid in advance via EMT, prior to recommencement of the child at the program- if space allows.

Preference will be given to GMNL families for enrolment the following school year. Notification and deposit  must be given by the posted deadline or before opening registration to the public to ensure a space is held for your child. One registration is opened to the public, there will be no preferential treatment for spaces.

The Child-to-Staff ratio will be 15:1 per the guidelines dictated by the province.

Children requiring additional supports or respite workers in the school system may avail/require an additional worker at GMNL*.

GMNL staff will provide guidance and opportunity for positive and age-appropriate behaviour and social interactions for our kids. Splat points will earned through group efforts when kids participate in behaviour that encourages social, emotional, and creative development of all kids in the program.

We will be sure to provide an environment that assures each child’s safety at all times. If an accident were to occur, parents will be notified or emergency contact should a parent not be able to be reached. Incident reports will be kept on site.

GMNL will be closed for all statutory holidays. GMNL will close in accordance with NLESD for unexpected closures (snow days for example).

GMNL will offer PD and holiday camps at an additional cost per child. You must preregister your child at least 7 days in advance to partake in these additional care days to ensure adequate staffing and supplies.

Late registrations received after the posted deadline may not be accepted and will incur a $10 late processing fee. Due to staffing and the cost of supplies, refunds for PD day or Extra Care day registrations cannot be provided, regardless of the reason for your child’s inability to attend, medical or otherwise. Previously paid amounts for PL days and extra care days will not be credited towards future dates if you fail to attend for any reason.

The parent/guardian is in no way obligated to have a child attend the PD day or Extra Care day sessions throughout the school year, however, payment for the regular after school program hours will be processed through the regular payment method. The parent/guardian cannot opt out of the weekly sessions.

Please Note: a minimum of ten children are required to register in order for each full day PD day or Extra Care day to take place.

This program is full time during school months of the year. We do not offer part time.

We promise to ensure confidentiality when speaking about a child or reporting an incident/injury at all times. All documents containing families private information will be stored in a locked filing cabinet on site.  GMNL will not release private personal information to outside agencies without the informed, written consent of the parent/guardian on record.

Where there may be reported or suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect, the staff will report all suspicions to Child Protection Services for follow up and possible investigation without the prior consent of the parent/guardian, as dictated by the law.

GMNL will often take photos of the children engaged in activities while at the program.  Photos might be posted to our after school private FB group. Please notify us if you would prefer for us not to capture your child.

Pick up procedures in our new suite will include calling into the suite – 782-4665, to let staff know you have arrived and proceeding to the porch for pick up. We ask that parents not come into the main suite during dismissal. We do have a doorbell if you forget to call in, this will notify the staff that you have arrived to collect your child. Children must be signed out to leave the facility.

We will not be hosting a lost and found this year, at the end of the week items will be placed beside our door, anything not taken Fridays will be donated to a local thrift store.

GMNL does not administer medication of any kind – exception epipen. Children are not to carry medication on their person while in our facility- exception epipen. If a medication is required a parent must be present to administer.

Illness please follow NLESD regulations regarding sickness and return to school policies.

If an ambulance needs to be called, a staff member will accompany your child until a parent is available and on-site.

There are 43 weeks in this school year. The payments will be broken into monthly, biweekly and weekly with the 43 weeks equally distributed. Invoices come out the Friday and are required to be paid before Monday’s club starts. These can be paid via credit card on the invoice or emt : please notifying us via message you have sent this to mark paid.

In the event of a covid lockdown fees will be reduced to cover expenses only* at discretion of GMNL

We think we have most everything covered here.

Any updates, we will post in this group.

We can’t wait to get messy with all of you and your families this school year!!! Let’s hope it’s less eventful (covid) then last!

Jennifer and Joanne